Light me up

I’m so enamored with all of you
Woven together, so true
Beautiful, sacred
Flow through my bloodstream
I crave you, a vice
Medicine for my heart
Feeding into my brain
Steeping in my soul
Satisfying my body
I crave you
A flame so calm
Yet so immense
From one match
A fire I can’t put out

Why Can’t It Be This Easy

I wish you would see the light
Notice things aren’t always black and white
And when you emerge from the shadows, everything becomes clearer
The darkness you once saw becomes a little bit lighter
And you step outside into a partly cloudy day to see the sun emerge but only slightly
You see the colors that make up every piece of yourself
Notice the ones that make you feel
Notice the wind breeze across your face and realize you are not wearing a jacket
But it’s ok, you are right by your door, you can grab a jacket if you’d like, but see that you ultimately don’t need it
You look up and see the clouds disperse and the sun hits your skin from over 92 million miles away
And you start to feel a glow
A warmth so powerful
That nothing can stop you
Not even the memory of yesterday


We’ve never been wealthy

So to see my mother tell my father to get rid of the expensive couch I was raped on

And to see my father rip the couch to pieces

To fit in the trash bin for our single-family home

That’s wealth.

listening at night

The window is open. It’s a muggy night, as September turns into October, and no wind seeps through the screen. I can hear the cars wizzing down the streets and the redeyes taking off from the airport. Dogs howling, barking.

A lighter chest

Nothing makes my chest feel lighter than being kind and not succumbing to the anger I normally would feel. I pray this stays attainable.

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